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Diversity & Inclusion

More than a legal obligation (Labour Code Art.L1 to L8331-1 / European Directive 2000/43/EC / International Convention of 21 December 1965) or an HR issue, they are a strategic opportunity for the company to ensure its long-term future by creating a caring working environment conducive to fairness, innovation and performance.

diversity and inclusion
diversity and inclusion
diversité et inclusion

Our mission

Raising awareness of the challenges of diversity, inclusion and equity by reconciling economic, financial and human interests.

Whether you’re a national or international organisation, Eye’go can help you deploy a CSR Diversity approach and an inclusive culture by transforming the relevant legal obligations into a strategic lever for quality of life at work and productivity.

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The Eye'go solution

Develop your organisation’s human potential for a successful and sustainable collective transformation.

Boost your management and performance by reaffirming your values to your talent.


Holistic and preventive approach

Giving meaning back to professional commitment

Raising awareness of diversity as a source of complementarity and personal and professional enrichment

Putting people back at the heart of corporate strategy

Suggest corrective action

Turning legal obligations into an opportunity to develop internal potential and creativity

Promoting difference as a lever for performance and productivity

Restoring the balance between economic and social issues

Holistic and preventive approach

The benefits of working with Eye'go

People are more than just wealth ; they are the DNA of every organisation, which is why we need to reconcile economic and social issues. In the face of employee disengagement and recruitment difficulties, diversity remains a pool of talent to be discovered.

When you call on us, you realise the urgent need to put people back at the heart of every organisation’s strategy.

Our method and our tools enable us to offer you global preventive and curative actions for operational, efficient and lasting results.

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Our partners

We are proud to work with a network of diverse and committed partners who share our vision.

Our partners play an essential role in achieving our mission, contributing their expertise, resources and support.

A huge thank you to them for sharing our commitment to creating a more diverse, inclusive and fair working environment for all.

Eye’go is also a member of the CPME (Confédération des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises) and the Fédération Nationale des Chambres professionnelles du Conseil.

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HR legal obligations – Debt collection

Financial management

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Expert GCL Management

Invite Eye'go to be your partner in transforming your institution, company or organisation into a socially responsible model.