Beyond what we see

Let’s work together to build fair and diversified workplaces where the Uniqueness of each individual is recognised, valued and respected!


Beyond what we see

Eye’go means “going beyond what you can see” to seek in the invisible what brings us together and binds us.

In this age of digital technology, digital transformation and artificial intelligence, we help your HR and management teams to recreate a bond, a climate of trust and sharing with their teams.

We are a committed company, whose mission is to raise awareness among a wide audience* of the challenges of diversity and to promote difference as a source of wealth and complementarity, on professional and personal side.

Professional environment
eye'go diversity inclusion equity in the workplace
Training environment
Professional environment
eye'go diversity inclusion equity in the workplace
Training environment

We are based in the south-west of France but we move in France and abroad.

" If you differ from me, my brother, far from harming me, you enrich me. "
St Exupéry

8 reasons to implement Diversity a daily basis

Eye'go, your ally for change

In a context of constant change, the transformations taking place within your organisations (corporate, digital and organisational culture) are putting the Human back at the heart of the strategic challenges.

While the health crisis has reminded us of the extent to which we are all interconnected, psycho-social risks, burn-out and the disengagement of employees are the manifestation of a deeper crisis, that of the quest for MEANING.

Generations Y & Z are not the originators of this paradigm shift in the relationship to work. They embody it.

Making Eye’Go your partner is a strategic and responsible decision. As a company or institution, you have the ability to positively influence society and help create a caring, fair and inclusive working environment.

Your commitment counts, and we're here to turn it into success!
" Our ability to achieve unity in diversity will be the beauty and the challenge of our civilisation. "
Mahatma Gandhi

Diversity and inclusion : Definition


Diversity refers to the variety and difference of characteristics, qualities, experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and identities within a group, organisation or society.

diversity definition
inclusion entreprise


Inclusion refers to the creation and maintenance of an environment, whether social, educational, professional or otherwise, that enables all people, regardless of their differences, to participate fully and to be accepted, respected and valued.

Diversity and inclusion, what the data says...

84% of job applicants consider inclusion to be a determining factor in their choice of company (100% for 18-24 year olds). See Cegos study.

A company’s diversity and inclusion policy has an impact on its customers. 72% of consumers believe that they can have an impact on the world and those around them through their behaviour and purchasing decisions. See Accenture study

In 2013, Harvard Business Review (see study) found that companies with the greatest diversity were 45% more likely to grow their market share and 70% more likely to win a new market.

According to a study by BCG (see study), companies with above-average diversity in their management teams are 19% more innovative than others. Their profitability is 9 points higher than that of others.

Leïla Delimi Eye go diversité inclusion équité en milieu professionnel

Eye'go, your committed partner

Leila Delimi is the founder and director of Eye’go.

With her proven experience in human relationships and management, Leila is a passionate woman with deep-rooted values of justice, respect and tolerance.

Her rich professional career, in which the diversity of environments was a lever for development and fulfilment, led her to create Eye’go, a company that quickly established itself as a key player in the promotion of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

Working with Leila Delimi will enable you to guide your company or institution towards an inclusive and fair culture.



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